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The FG-300 grinder is designed specifically for grinding whole deep frozen blocks down to -18 oC, producing a free flowing and non- smeared product, at a capacity of up to 6000 kg/hour. The grinder produces excellent particle definition with minimal working of product. It is also suitable for a blend of fresh/ frozen products.

The FG Series includes grinders for final grind burgers and even finer minced meat, to tough applications including whole deep frozen blocks without the need for pre-breaking.

The FG Grinders can be tailored to the customer’s specific requirements, including electrical components and continuous / batch infeed & discharge systems.

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    Example uses

    A very versatile machine for the small to medium size company who have limited power supply.
    A machine that has been developed with 55kW’s of power to handle deep frozen meat blocks with easy and still maintain a good flow capacity.
    Pork rind
    A tough application for many sausage manufactures – block sizes 60 x 60 x 8cm no problem.
    Pet Food
    We can offer a machine to cope with all types of materials: meats, fish, bones and vegetables.
    Bone breaking

    A very hygienic machine for human consumption products.

    Being an all Stainless steel machine sanitation is so important when you need quick changes to different species of bones.

    Burger or Patty producers
    Why use two machines – pre-breaking (chipper or guillotine) when you can use one machine for the whole job.
    Simple block reduction
    One machine for size reduction to enable material to be blended with fresh products, for further processing – better control on your product temperatures.

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