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Food Processing Equipment UK Ltd is the culmination of our 80 years experience in the food industry.

We supply everything from individual machines to complete mechanical turn key packages. We are able to offer used equipment, complete refurbishment services and manufacture bespoke machines for specific customer requirements.

We work out of a large, modern office/factory facility in West Lancashire, and work with a team of highly experienced engineer fitters to perform service, inspection and installation of equipment.

Our experience has seen us work within every sector; Abattoir, Cutting Plant, Bakery, Food Processing, Pet Food Processing, 5th Quarter and Animal By-Products Processing.

Our team of experts have brought together their collective knowledge from these industries and have created a dynamic business for today’s food processing industry.

Call 01695 455 500 to speak to one of our engineers about your food processing requirements.

Commercial Meat Grinders


Designed for fresh, trimmed material up to a capacity of 1600 kg/hour.

FG-130 Commercial Meat Grinder


Designed for fresh & frozen material up to a capacity of 6000 kg/hour.

FG-250 Commercial Meat Grinder


Designed for deep frozen blocks up to a capacity of 6000 kg/hour.

FG-300 Commercial Meat Grinder

Our Services

We offer a range of services to help support your food processing

Grinder Installation


Grinder Servicing


Grinder Refurbishment


Used Meat Grinders for Sale

Used Machines

Our grinders are in stock

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FPE UK Commercial Meat Grinders

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